Opened 7 days a week from 9:00 am till 10:00 pm. On booking
Spa-balneotherapy and well-being in Walloon Brabant

The center of relaxation and beauty care 'Espace Bien-être' is situated at half an hour
of the Brussels capital. This castle of white stones is comparable to those of the fairy
tales. It was built on the municipality of Walhain six years ago. (Walhain is the
geographical center of Belgium)
Within its idyllic environment, you will discover the benefactions of our installations of
balneotherapy and a multitutde of beauty care
The center's decoration changes in the course of the seasons. The fresh and colored
flowers perfume every places of the house.
Espace Bien-être, a relaxation journey just a step from to you.
Your beauty, your well-being and your harmony are our slogans...
Walhain St Paul
Thalassotherapy - Beauty Saloon - Seminary room