Day cure 'Beauty face'
149 euros
- Facial skincare of your choice : moisturizing, balancing or anti-ageing
(depth cleaning of the face, scrub and mask of the face, face massage,
eyebrows epilation, application of care products)
- Relaxing feet massage with shea butter and essential oil
- Relaxing hands massage
- Gift of welcome (cosmetics for the body and the face)

- Entrance for a day in the balneotherapy center : swimming pool, sauna, hammam,
jacuzzi, sensorial isolation tank, seats of massage, swimming against the current,
hydro jet massage, deckchairs, relaxation place and sport hall
- The use of bathrobes, bath towels and slippers

- Fresh fruits salad and bottle of water

Possibility of a light meal at noon. Price : 15 euros
Thalassotherapy - Beauty Saloon - Seminary room
Walhain St Paul